Types of lighting to consider when designing your home Interior

The beauty of interior designing is absolutely dependent on lighting and perfect lighting can create the desired environment. Different lights are used in interior design which varies in focal length, colour, and glow. What you want to make is the basic question and the selection of the type significantly depends on it. In some cases, different types of lights are used simultaneously to dim and highlight certain things or objects. Here are some of the basic types of lighting used in interior design.

Ambient Lighting

Wall sconces and chandeliers are the types of ambient lighting which create no shadow and give a general glow to the room. Both dimmer and bright bulbs of ambient lights are used for interior design and it creates a warm environment. Most of the houses prefer ambient light due to the various brightness levels. Designer pendant lighting stores in Melbourne such as online retailers and brick and mortar shops are a good place to start when shopping for the latest designer style lights and lighting features.

Task Lighting

1Task lighting is one of the most common types of lighting, which are used in homes and offices to perform regular tasks like reading, cooking, stitching, and other household work. Vanity mirror and counter slight strips fall in this category. They produce directional light in some cases like table lamps where they enhance the visual clarity of the object and reveal minor detailing.

Aesthetic Lighting

The purpose of aesthetic lighting is to highlight artwork and they are used to grab the attention of the viewer. Picture lights and spotlights are the examples of aesthetic lighting that helps you to bright that a certain part of the room while leaving the other parts dim. The advance aesthetic lightings let you control brightness as per your requirement.

2Accent Lighting

Stairwell light and recessed wall lighting are known as accent lighting which is small in size perfectly portray the minor details of your favourite object. It’s directional and becomes a perfect combination when used with halogen light and on dimmers. However, it depends on you to select between soft and sharp glow.

Natural Light

Natural light has a significant role in interior designing. Interior designers determine the amount of light to pass in your home and it depends on the area where you are living, your home design, and season. On the basis of the aforementioned factors, artificial lights are selected and a comfy environment is created for the inhabitants. Most of the offices rely on natural light during day time and use task lighting for nights.


Decorative lights don’t only illuminate an area but also increases its aesthetic value. Beautiful decorative pieces are used as decorative lights which have a soft or bright blub inside. They come in a variety of shapes and designs and you can select as per your requirements.

Interior lighting creates mesmerizing effects and absolutely change the entire look of the room. Good lighting can boost the embellishment of your home and add value to it by providing the right glow. The flaws of the home get covered and you really get peace of mind in the room when you choose the right lighting for your interior.

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